Faculty and Staff Salaries

Data last updated: March 2016

Faculty and staff are the heart of Missouri State University. Faculty inspire, advise and mentor students. Staff provide support services, an attractive and safe learning environment, and provide the business processes and customer services to meet the needs of students. Competitive salaries are one way that Missouri State recruits, retains, and rewards quality faculty and staff.

Data are updated each spring.

Note: FY 2016 refers to Summer 2015--Fall 2015--Spring 2016.

[LRP, Valuing and Supporting People Objective 6]

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Full-Time Faculty

Measure 1: Ratio between MSU average salary and CUPA average salary.*


FY2015 FY2016 2016 Goal
95% 96% N/A
Year Percentage
FY2012 92%
FY2013 93%
FY2014 95%
FY2015 95%
FY2016 96%

* Percents less than 100 indicate that MSU average salary is lower than CUPA median

Measure 2: Percent of faculty salaries at or above CUPA Median.


Fall 2014 Fall 2015 2016 Goal
27% 29% Continuous Improvement
Year Percentage
Fall 2011 22%
Fall 2012 22%
Fall 2013 26%
Fall 2014 27%
Fall 2015 29%

Full-Time Staff

Measure 1: Percent of staff salaries at or above National Comparison.*

Market Adjustments to the Salary Ranges: Recommendations concerning salary range adjustments are made annually to the President by the Executive Budget Committee based upon compensation/cost indicators and the projected state appropriations level for the next year.


Fall 2014 Fall 2015 2016 Goal
27% 28% N/A
Year Percentage
Fall 2011 24%
Fall 2012 24%
Fall 2013 29%
Fall 2014 27%
Fall 2015 28%

* The Employment Cost Index (ECI) for state and local government wages and salaries is the indicator that is used to develop the annual recommendation to adjust the salary ranges. The ECI is published quarterly by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics; the 12-month percent change as reported for the 3rd quarter has been used for the recommendation based on budget planning timelines for a July 1 effective date for the adjustment.

For more information please see The Implementation Process on the Staff Compensation System Development and Staff Handbook.