Degree Program Alternate Pathways

Data last updated: September 2015

Alternate pathways are broadly defined as those programs that do not require daytime, on-campus attendance. We currently have two categories of alternate pathways:

  • Those that can be completed totally online
  • Those that can be completed through a combination of modalities (e.g., online, evening, and interactive video, etc.)

Data are updated each summer.

Note: Fiscal Year 2015 refers to Summer 2014--Fall 2014--Spring 2015.

[LRP, Access to Success Objective 1]

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Measure 1: Total Number of Alternative Pathway Programs by Fiscal Year


Fiscal Year 2015 Fiscal Year 2016 2016 Goal
69 72 50
Year Degree Programs
Fiscal Year 2012 42
Fiscal Year 2013 45
Fiscal Year 2014 63
Fiscal Year 2015 69
Fiscal Year 2016 72

Measure 2: Total Number of Alternative Pathway Programs by Pathway Category

Within each fiscal year each program is counted only once and is categorized into one of three groups. The online and combination category counts programs that can be completed via either pathway. A complete list of programs is avaialble in Measure 3 below.


Fiscal Year 2015 Fiscal Year 2016
Combination 30 30
Online 30 30
Online and Combination 9 12
Fiscal Year 2012 Fiscal Year 2013 Fiscal Year 2014 Fiscal Year 2015 Fiscal Year 2016
Combination 26 25 33 30 30
Online 13 15 21 30 30
Online and Combination 3 5 9 9 12

Measure 3: List of programs that can be completed via an alternate pathway

The list below represents the programs that are avaialble during the current fiscal year.


Combination Bachelor of Applied Science, Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Education, Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science, Accounting
Bachelor of Science, Child and Family Development
Bachelor of Social Work
Master of Accountancy
Master of Arts Teaching and Learning
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Arts, English
Master of Arts, Religious Studies
Master of Arts, Writing
Master of Health Administration
Master of Music
Master of Natural & Applied Science
Master of Public Administration
Master of Public Health
Master of Science in Education, Educational Administration
Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education, English
Master of Science, Counseling
Master of Science, Defense and Strategic Studies
Master of Science, Defense/WMD Studies
Master of Science, Educational Technology
Master of Science, Health Promotion and Wellness Management
Master of Science, Student Affairs
Master of Social Work
Specialist in Education, Educational Administration
Specialist in Education, Teacher Leadership
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
Graduate Certificate, Defense and Strategic Studies
Graduate Certificate, Forensic Accounting
Online Bachelor of Applied Science, Hospitality and Restaurant Administration
Bachelor of Applied Science, Technology Management
Bachelor of Science, Finance
Bachelor of Science, Health Services/Clinical Services
Bachelor of Science, Information Tech Service Mgt
Bachelor of Science, Nursing Completion Program
Master of Arts, History (American Studies track)
Master of Science in Education, Literacy
Master of Science in Education, Special Education/Blindness & Low Vision
Master of Science, Administrative Studies
Master of Science, Computer Information Systems
Master of Science, Nursing, Nurse Educator
Master of Science, Project Management
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Undergraduate Certificate in Writing for TV and Film
Undergraduate Certificate, Manufacturing Management
Graduate Certificate, Computer Information Systems
Graduate Certificate, Conflict and Dispute Resolution
Graduate Certificate, Cybersecurity
Graduate Certificate, Education of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Graduate Certificate, Educational Technology
Graduate Certificate, History for Teachers
Graduate Certificate, Homeland Security and Defense
Graduate Certificate, International Business
Graduate Certificate, Leadership
Graduate Certificate, Literacy
Graduate Certificate, Management
Graduate Certificate, Project Management
Graduate Certificate, Sports Management
Post-Master's Nurse Educator Certificate Program
Online and Combination Bachelor of Science, Communication Studies
Bachelor of Science, Criminology
Bachelor of Science, General Business
Bachelor of Science, Professional Writing
Bachelor of Science, Psychology
Master of Arts, Communication
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Education, Elementary Education
Master of Science, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Master of Science, Cybersecurity
Master of Science, Early Childhood and Family Development
Graduate Certificate, Screen Writing for Television and Film